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Michael, CEO of SOAR Technology, teaching accessible technology at Florida State UniversitySOAR Technology and Consultants offers a complete solution that will further empower independence for individuals whom are blind and visually impaired. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and while this is fantastic it does, however, cause a difficulty when trying to choose the most appropriate equipment and/or software for the job, classroom, or daily living activity. Even in today's advanced world of computers that fit in the palm of your hand, one size does not fit all.

This is where SOAR Technology excels. We assist each individual in choosing not just the best product, but the best product for him or her. Additionally, we assist organizations in saving money by allowing them to choose the most appropriate product that will ultimately be of use now and in the future.

SOAR not only has over thirty years of experience in working with steadily advancing technology, we also possess the knowledge and understanding needed to assess a wide range of actual job duties as well as classroom curriculum so that the "right" choice will be made with each purchase.

Choosing the appropriate software and technology that will meet an agency's or individual's specific needs is paramount. And with this thought in mind, SOAR offers the following Services:

  • Training
  • Review of Equipment Requests
  • Individual or Group Consultations
  • Software and Equipment Recommendations
  • Quotes from Multiple Quality Vendors
  • Arrangement for Software and Equipment Demos
  • Rehabilitation Technology Services
  • Job and Classroom assessments

SOAR Consultants also understands that with your busy schedule it is always difficult to find the opportunity to stay updated on the latest technology. So please, allow us to take the needless stress and guess work out of the decision-making process for you.

In choosing to obtain the services of SOAR Consultants, not only will you be satisfied, you know that your dollars will be well spent.

SOAR Technology and Consultants
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